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Gilera Citta

History | Black Edition Two
Total cost Edition two (€327)

Custom | Projects | New parts | Restored | Second Hand

Workbench table

Workbench table

Engine Test bank

Engine Test bank Video

Erro Storage Tool trolley 34CS6

Erro Storage Tool trolley 34CS6



Year 2020

New Parts
Fuel tap
Flywheel puller
Ground clip Engine block
Rear Brake Light Switch

Second Hand
Jerrycan (20 liter)
Jerrycan Spout Metal Flexible

Year 2019

New Parts:
O-ring gasoline cap (Four)
Fuel Cap

Year 2018

Adjusted and reinforced behind bridge, Custom headlight spoiler, Elevator

Complete citta

Second Hand:
Complete citta for parts, Protective cap for under the engine block