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Gilera Citta

Black Edition (Custom)
32 years on the road


Model: Gilera Citta | Build year: 1982  | System: 2-stroke | Wheels: 300 x 12 inch  | Gas tank: 4 & 1/2 Liter | Weight: 50 KG


Cylinder: Italkit 60cc (41mm)
Carter: Snor moped (standard)
Crankshaft: P12 (standard)  
Carburetor: Dellorto 12/12
Output voltage: 6V - 18W
Speed: 30 mph (GPS)


Harley Bracket, scooters, Side stand, Engine block spoiler, Front fender Honda NSR & red stickers

Italkit 60cc (41mm)


Pulley: 70mm
Clutch spring: Polini silver
V-belt: 1012 (crenate)
Carburetor jet: 50
Air filter: Moped
Shocks rear: 280mm
Exhaust: Citypower 22mm


Yellow lamp & Taillight smoke, Steering wheel Right, Mudflap, Counter plate, Side Stand